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Cardboard dishes and bases

Cardboard dishes and coasters are widely used for wrapping and serving foods, because they are lightweight, disposable, and environmentally friendly. Manufacturing cardboard trays and bases involves several steps, including creating the cardboard, cutting and shaping the cardboard, and coating and printing the final product.

In general, the process of manufacturing cardboard trays, dessert bases, and cardboard boxes involves many specialized steps and considerations, and requires specialized equipment and expertise. However, the end result is a high quality, visually appealing product that is widely used in a wide variety of applications.

Cardboard trays and hard case boxes are important packaging materials for a variety of reasons.

Convenience : Cardboard dishes are light in weight and easy to transport, which makes them a suitable choice for packaging and serving foods.

Hygiene : Cardboard dishes are usually coated with a layer of wax or other material to make them waterproof and grease-proof, which helps maintain hygiene standards and prevent contamination.

Aesthetics : Hardcover boxes can be designed to be visually appealing, which helps enhance the perceived value of the products they contain.

Gamma Pack introduced offset printing, plates, lace and cast. This was done by opening up to international markets and exhibitions by introducing modern equipment for flexo, roto and offset printing in the Egyptian market, and with the development of Gamma Pack with modern lines for folding and pasting and machines for lining paper with aluminum to provide the best product for our customers.

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