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corrugated carton

It consists of layers of paper 3, 5, or 7 layers, between each 2 of which there is a zigzag layer, which is a number of paper layers glued to some ribs of the middle layer through the production process, and the two outer layers are in between, which are two flat layers of paper that are glued to the middle layer.
Corrugated cardboard production processes are divided into two main parts:  

Corrugated board production process, which is the ribbing process.

The process of converting corrugated cardboard into printed carton, which is the conversion process.

The corrugated cardboard industry is a large and important sector of the packaging industry, providing a wide range of products for use in shipping, warehousing, and retail packaging.

Corrugated cardboard has many uses such as:

– Electronic device packaging.

– Household items packaging.

– Packaging of electrical appliances.

Shipping and packaging as it is commonly used to make shipping boxes and packaging materials for a variety of products, including food, beverages, and consumer goods.

Gamma Pack manufactures and produces high quality cardboard sheets, gray cardboard sheets, duplex sheets, covered and uncovered cardboard sheets from paper pulp and recycling,

This was done by using advanced technology, modern mechanization, engineers, technicians and paper makers with high experience until it was able to be the first center in Egypt and the Middle East region.

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