Gamma Pack for printing and packaging

Gamma Pack is the first company that worked in the field of packaging industry from paper and cardboard. It was based in the capital, Cairo, and it was the pioneer in this field in Egypt at that time.


About Us

Gamma Pack is the natural development of El Sharif Company. Offset, ribbed, plate, lace and cast printing has been introduced. This has been done by opening up to international markets and exhibitions by entering the Egyptian market with modern equipment for flexo, roto and offset printing, and with the development of Gamma Pack with modern lines for folding and pasting and machines for lining paper With aluminum, which contributed to opening markets and export opportunities for Africa and the Gulf region in 1996, and Gamma Pack was the pioneer in this field in Egypt at that time.

Duplex boxes

Duplex boxes are a kind of corrugated cardboard boxes that are widely used for packaging a variety of products

corrugated carton

It consists of layers of paper 3, 5, or 7 layers, between each 2 of which there is a zigzag layer

Printing on duplex paper

Printing on duplex paper, printing on flute, and kraft require different printing processes and considerations.

Cardboard dishes and bases

Cardboard dishes and coasters are widely used for wrapping and serving foods, because they are lightweight, disposable



What does Gamma Pack offer?

The company’s activity was represented in packaging and providing many types of cartons such as corrugated cardboard for electronic devices, household and electrical appliances, duplex boxes for candy products, pharmaceutical companies and food companies, printing on duplex paper, printing on flutes and kraft, and producing cardboard sheets, dishes and cardboard bases Concerned with sweets and hard cover boxes, and the integration of offset printing on corrugated cardboard.

This activity was added with modern German production lines, which contributed to covering the local market of this product that was imported from abroad.



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